Scatter Sunshine Package


  • Instantly feel at peace
  • Brings you a sense of comfort
  • Reminds you you’re not alone
  • Gives you strength to go on
  • Brings calm and hopefulness
  • Uplifts and inspires you

And much MUCH more!

And best of all … you’ll start seeing results with SCATTER SUNSHINE PACKAGE in less than 60 seconds and it all costs less than a pair of shoes at a discount store.

So again, if you’re a someone who is tired of the stresses of the world, and you want more peace understand this:

  • Thousands of people struggle with despair and feeling lonely.
  • Every day you wait is another day you feel stress.
  • You deserve peace and hope.


Package Includes:

“Scatter Sunshine” ($14.95 value)
“Joy To The World” ($14.95 value)
BONUS #1 “Expressions Of Our Savior Slideshow” ($19.95 value)
BONUS #2 “Interview With Famous Artist Greg Olsen” ($19.95 value)
BONUS #3 “Interview with Famous Marvin Goldstein” ($19.95 value)
BONUS #4 “Virtual Fireside with Vanessa Joy & Marvin Goldstein”($10.00 value)

Total package value: $99.75

Original price was: $99.75.Current price is: $29.95.

What They’re Saying….

Vanessa Joy sounds stunning no matter if it’s live or from a recording. A beautiful, clear, strong voice.

-Jennifer Clabaugh

Your music inspires and lifts my spirit so that when I am feeling down I listen to some music an it perks me up.

-Todd Bliss

Every single song on your CD was outstanding. I was really impressed with quality of your singing, the music, everything is just extremely well done. Thank you for making such good, uplifting music.

– Brandt Gibson

Definitely a singer to give your ears a musical massage.

– Ralph Majewski

You truly have the voice of an angel. So inspiring, so divine. Just love to listen to your CD’s in my car, it shuts out the world. Thanks for sharing that amazing voice with all of us.

– Janet

You send a clear strong message with your beautiful voice.

– Marie

I enjoyed listening to you very much, it was like the Balm of Gilead to my aching soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– April P.

Your spirit just soars through your voice and it’s so sweet to feel your testimony through song.

-Danalee Chapman