The Second Step

Do you want direction for your life? Did you know that the most successful people in the world write their dreams and goals? Did you know that only 3 percent of Americans do this? Only 3 percent write down their dreams and goals on paper. When…

4 Steps To Help You

Do you know what direction you are headed? Do you know how to get to your next step in life? Do you want some help to get there? Are you expecting answers from God but not getting them? I'd like to share 4 steps to help you to receive answers…

Speak Life

Do you know what it means to Speak life? It means you are saying positive words out loud. It means you are speaking words of encouragement and hope out of your mouth. It means you are using your lips in a powerful way. Giving life…

Are your dreams dead?

Are your dreams dead? Remember the story of Ezekiel 37? God sent Ezekiel down in the middle of a valley of dead bones. Nothing was happening. It was a dead valley. There was no hope. Well God is asking you the same thing He asked Ezekiel.…

Using Gratitude Impacts Your Life For Good

Thank you so much for reading this email today. I am so grateful for you and look forward to hearing from you. I know there is one thing you can never get too much of, and that is happiness. With all the chaos and uncertainty in…

Personal Declarations

You can download your FREE Printable of Personal Declarations by clicking here.    

The Thankful Practice

Do you ever wonder why things keep taking so long or why something didn’t go as you had hoped it would? Or do you sometimes wonder if God is hearing your prayer? I want you to know, whatever you’re going through is not unknown to…
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Abide With Me

Happy Sunday! Click here to watch "Abide With Me" music video. This Christian hymn is most often sung to the tune "Eventide". It was written by Henry Francis Lyte. It is believed that this hymn was started by Lyte while…

Festival Of Lights

I'll be performing at the Festival Of Lights Washington DC Visitors Center SUNDAY, Jan 1 - 7:00pm Marvin Goldstein & Vanessa Joy—Pianist & Vocalist World renowned pianist, Marvin Goldstein, returns to the Visitors’ Center,…

Fireside Tonight - Mesa, AZ

Performing a Fireside tonight with MC6 Mesa, AZ Edgewood Building 835 South 32nd Street, Mesa, AZ 85204 7:00 p.m. 

Free Gift of Christmas Music

Merry Christmas! For a limited time you will receive 5 free songs from my "Joy To The World Christmas Album" when you sign up for my newsletter. Go here to download.

Vanessa's "Forever Track Previews


Trick or Treat Contest

I'm so excited for my first annual Trick or Treat contest on Facebook! The random winner will receive all FOUR of my albums. Two other drawn winners will receive a copy of my newest CD titled Forever. You have SIX chances to enter on…

And the Lucky Winner is….

Congratulations Laurie McDonald! Please contact me here with your address so we can send you your package.

Only 4 days left

Go to my faceboook page and enter to win my new album "Forever". Hurry - only 4 days left!

Win a copy of my newest album "FOREVER"

Enter to win a copy of my newest album (plus two to give away to your friends) Check out my Facebook page for more details.

New CD "Forever"

After over a year and a half I am finally completing an album for you. The music is different from anything I have recorded before. For many reasons my album took a very long time to finish. I've worked on it and on many occasions I wanted to…

East Valley Tribune

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer Award Ceremony in Tempe Celebrates "Drive To Thrive" By Cecily Markland Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013 6:52 pm By Cecily Markland, Special to Tribune | http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/eastvalleytribune.com/content/tncms/live/components/core_base_library/resources/images/comment_icon.gif);…

Interview by Author Margaret Larsen

I was interviewed by author Margaret Larsen. To read the interview click here. I talk about my new Christmas Album, "Joy To The World" among other things. Margaret: Tell us what inspired you to write your songs? Who, What,…

The Beehive

Phoenix Musician Releases Christmas Album, Performs at BYU Alumni-Sponsored Concert August 30, 2013  By Cecily Markland Vanessa Joy has performed across the nation and in Israel, Jordan, Italy, Greece, Turkey…

Everything is better with music

Wouldn't you agree? I can't seem to do much without it. Okay I might already be preaching to the choir but I don't want to live without music in my life. I love MUSIC! Think of all the things we do with good music as our companion. Do we drive…