About Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy Biography

International singer Vanessa Joy had the distinct honor of singing for the USO at the Wounded Warriors Center in Frankfurt, Germany. She sang for the U.S. Ambassador in Cairo, Egypt. She has perfromed accross the United State and has soloed in countries such as Israel, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Jordon, Chile, Germany, and Canada. 

Vanessa was only 4 when she started playing the violin, and performed regularly in concerts which developed her passion for performing and singing with symphony orchestras. 

She starred in her first Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta at the young age of 13 and went on to win several awards including The SMCF for three consecutive years and two years with the NFMF. She was awarded a music scholarship and graduated with her music degree from Brigham Young University. 

Vanessa has had the pleasure of performing with a variety of symphonies including, the Idaho State Civic Symphony, Snow College Symphony, White Mountain Symphony, Salt River Symphony, Tempe Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Vocale Orchestra in Germany, and the Concierto Orchestra and Choir in Santiago and Concepcion, Chile.

She has shared the stage with Grammy Award Winner Billy Dean, NBA Star Thurl Baily, Merrill Osmond, and George Dyer. She has recorded 8 Solo albums. Vanessa is currently working on her newest album with internationally awarded pianist, Marvin Goldstein.

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