Wouldn’t you agree? I can’t seem to do much without it. Okay I might already be preaching to the choir but I don’t want to live without music in my life. I love MUSIC! Think of all the things we do with good music as our companion. Do we drive around town without it? Do we exercise without it? Do we get a massage without it? We can’t even watch baseball without singing, “Take me out to the ball game”. I love it. I need it. I enjoy that it is part of my life.

A woman called me the other day to tell me she has a friend who is ill and she wanted to buy my music to try and help strengthen her friend. I was humbled to learn she wanted my music to do this for her. I hope it heals her. I hope it brings her comfort and strength. I know good music is capable of miracles for all of us. I have witnessed this myself. I am overwhelmed with sweet comments from people I do not know, who tell me that my music has made a difference for good in their lives. I know it is not me. It is the music. What a pleasure it is for me to sing and make music. I hope I am able to continue using music to uplift others for as long as I live. Everything, is better with music. You outta try it sometime.