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Get a plan to achieve your goals this year

Do you have dreams and goals you gave up on? Things happen sometimes that we don’t count on. Don’t let it derail you. Get a plan to achieve your goals this year. Did you know only 8% of people who have set a New Years resolution this year actually achieve their goals? Don’t let that be you. Check […]

What’s the secret to achieving goals faster?

What goals are you hoping to achieve this year? Do you have any of them written down? Writing your goals down on paper is one of the first steps to getting them achieved. Would you like to know the secret to achieving goals faster? Writing them down. Did I say that already? (Silly me) Check out my daily journal to help you […]


Coventry Carol

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy the new video Coventry Carol. It’s my little Christmas gift to you. You will find more Christmas music on my website here. Hope this encourages you! Vanessa Joy

Use your words to change your thoughts

Did you know there are about 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts running through your head per day? Did you know that 80% of the thoughts are negative and most of them are repetitive? Your thoughts matter. Learn how to change them by focusing on positive words instead.  It is my hope that you will change your thoughts and feel […]

God Cares About You

God cares about your mental health. He wants you to feel joy. He cares deeply about you. When you practice gratitude. You are giving God the glory. You are acknowledging God is providing for you. Practicing gratitude takes just a few minutes every day, to FEEL thankful for what you normally would take for granted. The more you strengthen your gratitude muscle, […]

Free Gift With Purchase

Merry Christmas! Right now I’m offering my album Scatter Sunshine for FREE when you purchase my gratitude journal. Check out my daily journal and get started improving your life today. Hope this encourages you! Vanessa Joy

Finding it hard to be grateful?

Finding it hard to be grateful? It’s easy to miss a lot of the things we can be grateful about, especially when we get busy, or when we are feeling overwhelmed. This is why creating and setting a time each day to count our blessings helps us to focus our attention and helps us get intentional. This helps us form […]

Using Gratitude Impacts Your Life For Good

Thank you so much for reading this email today. I am so grateful for you and look forward to hearing from you. I know there is one thing you can never get too much of, and that is happiness. With all the chaos and uncertainty in the world right now, it’s really easy to get down. TWO of the best ways […]

How to cultivate happiness

Do you feel drained of all the creativity you need to achieve the results you’re wanting to see in your life? All the negativity around us can really bombard our mindset and exhaust our energy. I’d like to share the best way I know how to change this feeling with you. It is to look for the things […]

What Brings You More Joy?

Last week I talked to you about what can bring you more happiness. The secret is… gratitude. We all need more of joy right now, because everywhere you look it seems it’s all doom and gloom. When we are drained from negativity it’s hard to want to achieve the results we want in life. It’s hard to want to […]

Why We Need More Happiness In Life

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with the way life is going it’s sometimes hard to see the joy and happiness in your life. One of the best ways to find happiness and joy is by being grateful. Practicing gratitude helps us so much and it’s easy to do it once you get started. It is a decision and a […]

This Can Change Your Life…

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle It’s easy to be overwhelmed. If you’re ready to make changes, little by little you will get what you want achieved. Did you know in America we spend 5 hours a day watching television? That’s a lot of time. […]

One Thing At A Time

“Big achievements come one small advantage at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time.” – Jim Rohn Little things are what matter. When you are overwhelmed, start with just one thing. ONE. Just one. Start by setting a short obtainable goal. Write it down and work at it one day at […]

How To Stop Procrastination

Did you know there is a 3 letter word that helps you stop procrastination? Want to know the 3 letter word? NOW. That’s the word. Did you know your time matters and the small things you do every day add up? It’s in the little things we do. Just do a little bit NOW. Not tomorrow, not someday, […]

Don’t Let Someone’s Opinion of You Stop You

Did you know when Elvis Presley sang at the Grand Ole Opry the manager fired him? After just one performance he was told, “you ain’t goin’ nowhere, son.” Don’t let someone’s opinion of you get in your way. You can do this! Want to know a secret? Gratitude helps. Journaling your gratitude does not need to take […]

Need Help Sorting Your Thoughts?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” -Gandhi Did you know journaling helps you sort out your thoughts? Just after 21 days of journaling your gratitude will improve your thoughts. Little by […]

What Direction Are You Moving?

“The important thing is not where we STAND, but in what direction we MOVE.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Do you know that scientific studies show that your mood can be effected by surroundings? Once you get your life, and home in order you will be better equipped to stop bad habits. The best way to […]

Simply Begin

Just the other day when I was starting to feel overloaded I came across this message, “The best way to get things done is to simply begin.” It helped me so much. START. It’s just that simple. Don’t sit around and wait around to be motivated. ACTION is what works. When you get things in order, it is a pathway […]

Are Your Words Limiting You?

You can memorize the lyrics of a song. So why not memorize a new way of speaking? The lines you release out of your mouth need to be what you want to see happen. Use the word CHOOSE instead of the word CAN’T. Speak, “I choose”. Because whatever you are saying and doing is a choice.  Start […]

You Have A Dream For A Reason

If you have a dream is in your heart it’s there for a reason. When we are given a desire and dream and it doesn’t go away, it is because someone needs you to achieve it. When you have a dream in your heart, it was put there by God. He will help you achieve […]

How Did We Meet Each Other?

How did we meet? Did I meet you at BYU Education Week? I’d love to meet you in person someday. If you’re here let me know. If you want to achieve your dreams, Education Week is a great place to learn new insights. You can check out my  “My Daily Journal”  for steps to take every day to help you […]

Expressing Gratitude

How a billionaire made it so big?  Well, she started by expressing her gratitude daily. You can start expecting positive things in your life when you start giving gratitude for what you have now.  Your life will start to improve when you’re grateful.  You will start to expect things to be good in your life […]

Your Words Are Powerful

What are you saying about your future? What are you saying about your dreams? Your goals?  Even when you say it as a joke, or say something sarcastic it can harm you.  As crazy as it sounds John Lennon spoke about how he might die in an interview. He said, “I’ll probably be popped off […]