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Don’t Give Up

Your struggles, your hardships, your failures and anything that is making life hard on you right now is helping to build […]


Goals with clarity are the ones that get accomplished. If you have a goal to get out of debt? Don’t […]

Set Clear Goals

Want to know the first way to be successful in accomplishing your goals? Set clear goals! The more focused they are, the more […]

Design your year

Goal setting works! Start your year strong. Keep going with what you’ve decided you want to improve. Make that goal, […]


Years ago somebody asked me what my vision was for my life. I thought he was asking me about my […]


Wow! We tend to set the same exact goal 10 times with zero success story. Maybe you thought it in […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Most people all over the world are thinking about goal setting and vision right now. It’s an […]

Happy Christmas!

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying all the Christmas music playing everywhere this time of year. Check out my […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! For a limited time, you can access a free gift with purchase of the Daily Journal that is a great […]