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Need Help Sorting Your Thoughts?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” -Gandhi Did you know journaling helps you sort out your thoughts? Just after 21 days of journaling your gratitude will improve your thoughts. Little by […]

What Direction Are You Moving?

“The important thing is not where we STAND, but in what direction we MOVE.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Do you know that scientific studies show that your mood can be effected by surroundings? Once you get your life, and home in order you will be better equipped to stop bad habits. The best way to […]

Simply Begin

Just the other day when I was starting to feel overloaded I came across this message, “The best way to get things done is to simply begin.” It helped me so much. START. It’s just that simple. Don’t sit around and wait around to be motivated. ACTION is what works. When you get things in order, it is a pathway […]

Are Your Words Limiting You?

You can memorize the lyrics of a song. So why not memorize a new way of speaking? The lines you release out of your mouth need to be what you want to see happen. Use the word CHOOSE instead of the word CAN’T. Speak, “I choose”. Because whatever you are saying and doing is a choice.  Start […]

You Have A Dream For A Reason

If you have a dream is in your heart it’s there for a reason. When we are given a desire and dream and it doesn’t go away, it is because someone needs you to achieve it. When you have a dream in your heart, it was put there by God. He will help you achieve […]

How Did We Meet Each Other?

How did we meet? Did I meet you at BYU Education Week? I’d love to meet you in person someday. If you’re here let me know. If you want to achieve your dreams, Education Week is a great place to learn new insights. You can check out my  “My Daily Journal”  for steps to take every day to help you […]

Expressing Gratitude

How a billionaire made it so big?  Well, she started by expressing her gratitude daily. You can start expecting positive things in your life when you start giving gratitude for what you have now.  Your life will start to improve when you’re grateful.  You will start to expect things to be good in your life […]

Your Words Are Powerful

What are you saying about your future? What are you saying about your dreams? Your goals?  Even when you say it as a joke, or say something sarcastic it can harm you.  As crazy as it sounds John Lennon spoke about how he might die in an interview. He said, “I’ll probably be popped off […]

Pick A Little Talk A Little

Do you think it’s okay for a few negative words to slip through every now and then? Remember the song? “Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, cheep cheep cheep”… The women sound like hens! Do you think it won’t bother your life the way you talk? Every word you speak matters.  What does the […]

Speak Faith!

When you declare what you believe it will happen.    This is faith.   If you are not going to speak FAITH do not speak it at all.    Did you know the average person speaks 16 thousand words per day. Do you realize this is a book? A 60 page book in fact.    […]

Changing Your Thoughts Will Change Your Life

It’s not enough to quit saying negative words, you need to learn to speak new positive words out of your mouth too.  When you stop growing yourself, you start dying.  We all want to grow ourselves. Personal growth is why we’re alive.  Hell is a place of death and no growth happens. We don’t want […]

Faith Comes By Hearing

Do you want your faith to grow?  Listen to God’s word.  Listen to positive messages, and inspiring  music.  “Faith comes by hearing.” This is Romans 10:17.  Every time you listen to good messages, in your car and faith filled music your faith grows. Do you want to increase your faith? Listen every day. Click the play button. Get […]

What Are You Hearing Everyday?

Have you ever deliberately checked your input?  What is your mind hearing and seeing every day?  What you allow into your mind is what you will eventually see show up in your life.  Make a choice today that you will only allow good positive thoughts into your life.  To help you with this I have created Positive Declarations that […]

Change Negative Thoughts

Do you have negative thoughts?  One of the best ways I have found to help break the habit of negative thoughts, is to use “My Daily Journal”. This isn’t just a regular journal, it’s a book set up to help you to shift your focus in little tiny steps.  When you look for things to […]

Change Your Thoughts

When you change your thoughts, you change your whole life. One of the best exercises you can do is journaling. Gandhi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”  Your thoughts are […]

How To Focus On Your Dreams

Do you need better focus? Do you struggle to get your goals accomplished and don’t know where to start sometimes? My most recent project has been creating a daily journal. I made one for myself first and used it for several years before creating an actual product.  The journal has helped me to focus my […]

Something To Help You

Are you tired of things not working out for you?  Are you worried life will never get any better?  Do you want to know a secret that will help you?   It’s really simple.  Giving THANKS. When you begin to look at things with a grateful heart, your entire life changes for good. Expressing thanks […]

Perform With Excellence

Dreams come true when you perform with excellence day after day. Success is built upon something you do incredibly well. ALL the time, not just sometimes. The gifts God gave you are your natural skills. If you enjoy doing what you do, and it feels good while your’e doing it – keep at it. Build […]

You Gotta Have Faith Faith Faith

Did you know that praising God and thanking him in advance for what He’s going to do is the highest form of using your faith?  You gotta have faith, faith, FAITH! When you look at the dreams you have in your heart and you express thankfulness ahead of time as if it’s already happened, that is FAITH? In […]

What are your dreams?

Do you have dreams and desires you want to accomplish? What’s holding you back from achieving them? Maybe you are facing a tough time, and you feel like quitting or giving up? The devil wants to kill steal and destroy us. Don’t let him. You have what it takes. God is on your side. Spend […]

1 Simple Tip To Help You This Week

1 simple tip to help you this week. Did you know Americans spend 5 hours a day watching TV? They are watching other people live out their dreams. Instead of watching TV, you could use just 30 minutes of that time to invest in yourself. God has a purpose for you. He’s waiting on you […]

5 Tips For A Successful Morning

Does your current routine support your goals? Do you feel like you’re running around all day  from one thing to the next, but never really getting anything accomplished?  Walking up last minute? Watching hours of TV late into the night? Maybe you’re hopeful to achieve your dreams but you don’t know where to start? It’s “In […]

A Secret To Success

Do you dream about feeling more organized, and productive, throughout your day?  But, instead you’re that person who is always rushed, running late or forgetting something important? Or you’re that busy professional, who craves learning all the tips you can to help you live a more productive, and respected life? Starting with an organized morning routine is […]

Your Daily Pep Talk

Do you feel like things are taking too long in your life? Did you know only 10% of first time business owners succeed? But second time business owners succeed 90%? The sad part? Only 80% of the people who failed the first time try a second time. Do you know how to push forward? God […]