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Scatter Sunshine Album

Hello my friends! Did you know my album “Scatter Sunshine” is now on Spotify? You can listen to it anytime for FREE by going right here. It has already blessed the lives of so many people. Here are just a few testimonials. I’d love it if you would please write a testimonial as well you can […]


Get your FREE album today!

Just wanted to make sure you saw my FREE album? 🙂 Right now, my entire album “Sweet By and By” is available for you download for free right here.  It is my gift to you. It is 14 hymns of praise about our Savior Jesus Christ. Songs such as, Abide with Me, Softly and Tenderly, Blessed Assurance, It […]


Thank You Gift!

Thank you! I am offering you a FREE gift because I am so thankful to you. Right now I am offering my entire album “Sweet By and By” to you for FREE. This album cost me a TON of money to produce! (A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this too!) But I […]


Exclusive Music Video

Happy Sunday to you! Thank you so much for following me on Spotify. If you didn’t get a chance to see the Exclusive Music Video click here to sign up today and you’ll not only get to see the new music video (a song from my album “Sweet By and By” ) you’ll also get to hear my entire album for […]


Do you have Spotify?

Hello! Do you have a spotify account? With Spotify you can listen to music for free! It’s amazing! My music is currently being added to Spotify and my first album “Sweet By and By” will be launched this Friday, July 10th. (It’s about time right???? I know! I’ve been living in the dark ages!) If you pre-save me on […]


Come Thou Fount

Hello! Click here to watch the new music video, “Come Thou Fount“.  Did you get a chance to watch the devotional last week?  If you didn’t see the devotional yet, please click here to watch it. It is approximately 1 hour long and wholesome family entertainment. This morning I am performing for East England via a virtual devotional with my pianist Marvin Goldstein.  If […]


Rock Of Ages

Hello Friends! Click here for my latest music video, “Rock Of Ages” Ready to learn the best kept secret benefit of singing? First, let’s talk about this pandemic. It seems never-ending doesn’t it? I live in Arizona and we are facing another possible lockdown if the spike doesn’t slow down.  Our world is really having a hard time right now. My […]


Blessed Assurance

Hoping this brings you some peace in our troubled world. Please click here to watch “Blessed Assurance” Please share this with anyone you think would benefit from this comforting message. Much love to you, Vanessa Joy


Lead Kindly Light

Happy Sunday! Click here for my latest music video, “Lead Kindly Light”.  Remember in the last newsletter I told you singing gives you benefits? I’d love to share one of those benefits with you today. But first, will you do me a favor this weekend? Will you share this video with your friends? I’d really love it if you would pass this along […]


Scatter Sunshine

Happy Mother’s Day! Click here to watch the new music video “Scatter Sunshine”. What do moms do best? They scatter sunshine of course! I love my mom and this video is a gift to her. During this time of uncertainty all over the world, one thing has helped me… But before I share this ONE […]


His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Hello my friend! As you click here to watch this new music video, “His Eye is on the Sparrow” it is my hope and prayer that it brings you comfort and peace. During this time of uncertainty in the world, one thing remains certain and that is the love of Jesus Christ. He is watching over us. In the words of […]


The Lord Is My Light

Happy Easter! The Lord is my Light. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your friendship and love cheer me on! You have the ability to turn this time around and use it for your benefit. The Lord reminds us that He is our light, and there is nothing to fear. Tho clouds may appear, He will […]


The Standard Journal by Lisa Dayley

Vanessa Joy set to Entertain during Madison High School Presents by Lisa Dayley Smith Jan. 2020 REXBURG – A Celtic celebration is coming to Madison High School on Wednesday featuring famed pianist Marvin Goldstein and vocalist/violinist Vanessa Joy. The two will entertain during the annual Madison High School Presents scheduled at 7 p.m., Wednesday in the high […]

Madison Presents

Tickets are now on sale for the Madison Presents program. Madison High School raises money each year for their music program by putting on a concert for the community of Rexburg, Idaho. In years past they have had the Bretts Show, and George Dyer of Brandson. This year they have included Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa […]

Timpanogos Symphony

Please join us for a concert on January 25, 2020 with the Timpanogos Symphony in Alpine, UT at 7:30pm. We look forward to performing with John Pew the music Director and his 75 musicians. We will be performing our show Celtic Celebration which is a pristine fusion of traditional Irish music, alongside contemporary pop. Vanessa’s pure […]



Did you know your imagination is a gift? Once you realize this and you begin to start dreaming and imagining yourself succeeding from the inside it will show up on the outside.  Many of us had dreams as a child. Why did we ever stop dreaming? Because if you’re anything like me, you were told to “stop daydreaming” […]

The Train

Laughter is the best medicine. Hope you enjoy wholesome family entertainment. To view “The Train” clink on the video below for your enjoyment. And comment below.  

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Idaho State Journal

For nearly 60 years, Marvin Goldstein hast best been known as an internationally acclaimed concert pianist and composer, but the “Celtic Celebration” concert that Southeast Idahoans will experience at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 26 in the Stephens Performing Arts Center is something entirely different. “This isn’t a piano show,” Goldstein said. But Goldstein is not even […]