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Listen to Joy To The World by Vanessa Joy

Joy to the world written by Isaac Watts is a hymn based on scripture found in Psalms in the Holy Bible. The lyrics celebrate Christ’s birth but wasn’t intended to be a Christmas song originally. The song was first published in 1719. Today is played worldwide and many people know it and sing it at […]

Watch the Video – The Voice

Hope you enjoy the Video – The Voice. This concert was performed in the beautiful scenic mountains at the outdoor venue in Utah at the Draper Amphitheater . The Celtic inspiring song “The Voice” that is being sung in this video can be found here for purchase. This was a very exciting and thrilling concert for many […]

Testimony and Music Fireside

Please join me for an Evening of Testimony and Music in Valrico, Florida at the Brandon Florida Stake Fireside at 6:00pm at 4806 Bell Shoals Road Valrico, FL 33596 on Sunday, December 17, 2017

You will grow your relationships if you listen

Your relationships will grow if you learn how to listen. I pass a big beautiful flowering shrub every day. We call it the butterfly bush. The butterflies don’t make a sound, but I listen and watch them anyway. I’ve seen up to 20 butterflies at one time fluttering around it. Butterflies always cheer me up. […]

Music will change your mood

How many times in a day do you wish you could change your mood? Seriously? Do you know how many different moods you find yourself in on any given day? My great uncle died. I cried when I found out. My niece won a soccer tournament and I cheered. My friend had a bad day […]

We are blessed to live in this country

We are so blessed to live in this country. It is Patriot Day today. A sad day to remember. I love this country. After spending a little time outside of this country, it’s easy to realize that what we have here is precious. We are able to worship however we want. We are free to […]

Do you know how to reach your goals?

Do you have goals? Do you know how to reach your goals? Do you have something in your life that you would like to accomplish, but life happens and you don’t seem to have the time it takes to get it done? Book your priorities into your calendar and see what happens. I’m writing a […]

Do you want to reach your goals? Fight Procrastination!

Do you want to reach your goals? It’s fight procrastination day! There is no way procrastination can happen if you want something. It takes courage, sacrifice, dedication, focus, energy and persistence. You can’t give up if you want to reach your goals. You’ve got to hang in there and work towards them. So many people […]

Are you resting from your labors on Labor Day?

Are you resting from your labors? Happy Labor Day!!! I’m on a cruise right now enjoying Alaska! I hope you’re taking a vacation day too and doing nothing but fun things today. You deserve a day off! I hope you have a great day. You know nothing worth having comes easy so as you work […]

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone?

Have you written a letter lately? When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? A physical hand written letter? Not just texting or emailing? Today is letter writing day! Do you love to receive a letter in the mail like I do? It is such a magic touch for a business to […]

Tip of the Day is to Pray – did you pray today?

My tip of the day is to pray! Did you pray today? Getting ready to go on a cruise to Alaska, have you ever been there? It’s a bit of chaos to be unpacking and repacking for another trip. Some ask me “how do you do it all”?  “You’ve got to pray just to make […]

Is it Possible to Communicate by Singing Instead?

How do you communicate? It is so important. I wonder sometimes, if it is possible to sing everything, because words just get in the way? This is why I love music, because words alone do not have the same effect. Are you enjoying BYU Education Week this week? That’s where I am right now and […]

Concert at the Draper Amphitheater August 24th

Just a few more days before our Draper, Utah Concert! Marvin Goldstein will be performing with me as well as an orchestra. Hope you’ve got your ticket? Hope to see you there at 8:00! Can’t wait to sing for you! Haven’t heard Vanessa sing yet? Go here to download her free song? Read below about […]


Sweet By and By Is Inspirational Music

Need some inspiration? I sure do every day! Did you know “Sweet By and By” is an inspirational music tool you can use to bring a beautiful spirit into your life? You will experience peace and comfort when listening to hymns. It is especially encouraging when you are going through trials and need spiritual uplift. For […]

Today is tell a Joke Day

Today is tell a joke day! Roses are Red violets are bluish, come to the performance and I’ll finish this! HA! If you knew who I work with well enough you’d know how he finishes this joke! I work with a jokester! His name is Marvin Goldstein and if you haven’t had a chance to […]

It’s Relaxation Day and you Deserve a Vacation!

Happy Relaxation Day! You deserve a vacation from how hard you work don’t you think? I say this almost every day to myself. Just in case you’re interested, I will be singing on a cruise September 2-9 2017 along with Marvin Goldstein and if you want to sign up there are a few spots left. […]

Why I Choose To Sing Inspirational Music

While singing at BYU Education week I choose to sing hymns along with other sacred and inspirational music. Some of my all time favorite inspirational music comes from our beloved hymns. This is why I created the album, “Sweet By and By”. It is a collection of hymns and sacred music. There are many well known […]

Looking for Entertainment in Draper?

Are you looking for entertainment in Draper, UT? Look no further! Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy will be performing at the Draper Amphitheater on August 24th at 8:00 PM with a featured orchestra. Tickets can be purchased online by going to The Draper Amphitheater If you’d like to hear Vanessa’s voice download a free song of Vanessa’s […]

Singing Hymns and Creating “Sweet By and By”

Do you want to know why singing hymns and creating the album “Sweet By And By” was my first album? Check out a radio interview here where I talk about it. Singing hymns and creating “Sweet By and By” was the beginning of everything for me in my music career. Similarly, God is the beginning […]

Have you attended BYU Education Week?

Will you be attending BYU Education Week this year? Have you registered for it yet? This year I’ll be joining Marvin Goldstein in his classes as well as Janice Kapp Perry in hers. The major focus of the classes we offer at BYU Education Week are based on Hymns of praise. Hymns are inspirational and […]

Draper Amphitheater Concert in August

Have you bought your tickets yet for the Draper Amphitheater Concert on August 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM? If you by the tickets today the price is only $10.00 but they go up tomorrow so hurry before August 1st arrives. Save some money and get your tickets today! Join Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy for an […]

Concert at the Draper Amphitheater in August

Hope you’ll join me at the Draper Amphitheater on Thursday August, 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM for a concert with Marvin Goldstein as well as featuring a backing orchestra. It is a show not to be missed! Purchase by August 1st for best pricing starting only at $10.00! Go to www.DraperAmphitheater.com for your tickets today. […]

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature’s Music

Are you grateful for nature and the beauty on this earth? So many things in this world are here to remind us of God. There is a powerful strength that comes from just being outside listening to the birds and watching the leaves shimmer in the wind. There is music in nature. Have you heard […]