When you improve your intuition you can:

1. Make more money
2. Solve problems faster
3. Tap into your creativity
4. Improve your discernment
5. Make better decisions

Successful people learn how to trust their intuition.

Regular meditation will deepen your intuition and help you in your life.

As you meditate, you will clear your mind of distractions. As you meditate you will become tuned in spiritually. You will be able to recognize the spirit, or the higher voice within you. I call this voice, God’s voice. Learning how to recognize His voice speaking to you will bless your life.

“All the resources we need are in the mind.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Become a master of meditation so you can hear what is best for you to do. I hope you will try this!

Here is a YouTube video called Atlantic Ocean for your enjoyment and relaxation. I created two albums for meditation one is titled Forever and the other is titled Endless you can download it digitally. Both album’s are an interpretative experimental album. It is a live recording based on instinctive response. It is a perfect companion to use with massage therapy, yoga and meditation. Close your eyes, let go and breath deeply while listening.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy