Trust your intuition.

There’s an ancient legend, where everyday people were able to access all the knowledge of the gods. They continued to ignore this wisdom. One day the gods grew tired of giving the gift freely, and nobody used it, so it was suggested they hide it so more people would take care of it and use it carefully. The gods suggested some good hiding spots, but the one finally agreed upon was to hide it deep within themselves, because they figured nobody would look there. And so it is today.

Do we take time to ponder?

Do we listen to the still small voice within us?

Do we take time to be still?

Your intuition can be strengthened if you work on it. One way to get better at following your intuition is to take time to be still and meditate.

When you are relaxed and in a state of meditation your mind can focus. Some meditation exercises can even take the place of sleep. I have practiced meditation for years. It helps me to focus. If you are interested in this practice I’d like to share some music I use on occasion while I meditate.

Here is a YouTube video called Atlantic Ocean for your enjoyment and relaxation. It is from my Forever album you can download it digitally. The song title is called, “Atlantic Ocean”.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy