Have you ever thought about someone and then they call you?

This is intuition.

We have all experienced this before, the point is we can get better at it by practicing, and meditation helps. You can achieve great levels of success.

Meditation will change your life. It improves your intuition.

Meditation will help you relax, sleep, improve your clarity, and enjoy your life more. Your mind will become quiet. You’ll be able to think. You will be at peace. You will understand how to work out your problems easier. You will be aware, calm, peaceful and restful. It will help you discover your purpose.

I have practiced meditation for years. It helps me to focus. If you are interested in this practice I’d love to share some music I created and use while I meditate.

Here is a YouTube video called Atlantic Ocean for your enjoyment and relaxation. It is from my Forever album you can download it digitally.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy