Have you been comparing your 1st chapter to someones final chapter?

Listen to me right now. 🙂 You have no idea what it took for that person to get where they are today.

All that matters is your chapter.

What chapter are you writing in your own book? It’s your story that you have control of right now.

When you compare you are being deceived by the devil. He want’s you distracted. He wants you to give up. He wants you afraid you’ll never reach chapter 18, 19 or 20.

Instead, pay attention to where you are right now and listen to what God has placed in your heart to do.

As you do the exercises in the Daily Journal on a daily basis, you will start to see changes in yourself over time. Today you will receive a free gift with your purchase of the Journal while supplies last.  

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy