One of the hardest things to do while traveling and singing from place to place is to eat good.

It is one of my goals to eat well and stay healthy.

Do you want to know my favorite restaurant?

The grocery store.


I know. I’m really boring.

When you travel, don’t you want to stay healthy? I especially do because my voice is my instrument. I need to take great care of myself. Hitting the grocery store upon arrival of your destination is really one of the best ways you can provide yourself with healthy food options.

Buying different fruit, nuts and vegetables can really save you money and time. You’ll always have something to snack on and tide you over while working.

This summer salad recipe is one of my very favorites. It is super healthy. The best part about it, is it makes me feel good when I eat it! Hope you enjoy it.

One head cabbage
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
kalamata olives
cherry tomatoes

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Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy