Friday Food

Okay so I know this blog is NOT about food ... it's usually about music most of the time! I just wanted to share a picture of my grocery cart and let people know why I have the energy and enthusiasm I have all the time. People ask me regularly,…

Canning Peaches

I love watching nature and seeing flowers and food grow in my garden. It is amazing to see a flower sprout and turn into a beautiful piece of fruit right before my eyes. Growth is what this world is all about. If you are not growing and constantly…

Hair and Makeup

Guess what I'm doing in this picture ...Okay besides getting some attention. I'm at a photo shoot for a new album. FUN! Are you excited?  

How to make your water taste good

Tired of drinking plain water? You know it's good for you right? It is so easy to dress up your water with hardly any thought. There are several concoctions listed here.