Recipes that sing!

Raw Almond Trail Mix

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Meet Chef Brad

I've been working with Chef Brad in his classes at BYU Education Week for 3 years now and every time it gets funnier. I love food and I love music what a combo! Hopefully one day you will get to see us all perform together. I met Chef Brad in…

Wicked Good Green Smoothie

If you dare to try any more of my smoothies. Go here. [yumprint-recipe id='23']

Garden Tomatoes

These are fresh tomatoes I just picked from my garden. Right now I have fresh basil growing like a weed and tomatoes on the vine too! Oh yum are they so good! Yes I love tomatoes... You can make so many things with this amazing fruit. One of…

Thyme to Wake up Smoothie

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Raspberry - Almond Torte

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Shooby Dooby I found Ruby's

Ok this place hits the spot after a nice long beautiful day at the beach. You've got to try a Ruby's the next time you are near one. My favorite of all time no matter where I go is a chocolate malt. Something about that simple dessert makes…

Friday Food

Okay so I know this blog is NOT about food ... it's usually about music most of the time! I just wanted to share a picture of my grocery cart and let people know why I have the energy and enthusiasm I have all the time. People ask me regularly,…

Canning Peaches

I love watching nature and seeing flowers and food grow in my garden. It is amazing to see a flower sprout and turn into a beautiful piece of fruit right before my eyes. Growth is what this world is all about. If you are not growing and constantly…

How to make your water taste good

Tired of drinking plain water? You know it's good for you right? It is so easy to dress up your water with hardly any thought. There are several concoctions listed here. [yumprint-recipe id='18']

Healthy Raw Chips and Guacamole

It's Friday Food day and I've created another awesome recipe that I have to share with you today.  This is SO good! The chips remind me of blue corn chips you can buy in the store, they are very easy to make and the Guacamole has a ranch…

Breakfast in Phoenix

Are you looking for a great place to eat this weekend? Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day.  Most often I drink a green smoothie fresh from my garden for breakfast, but sometimes I like to treat myself too. (with a healthy…

Here We Come A-Wassailing

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Pomegranate Juice

I sang in Israel in many areas and also did a concert in Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee. You can view a video here of me singing in Israel in "St. Anne's Church" and you are able to view pictures of the trip on my Facebook. I…

Cranberry Orange Rolls

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Raw Avocado Fries

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Raw Carrot Cupcakes

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Cucumber Sandwiches

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Feeling Peachy?

What a fun weekend. I spent a great part of my Saturday picking peaches and shaking trees. YUM! They are so delicious and smell super good in my house right now. They are juicy and perfect for canning. When I'm not singing I love eating. The…

Red Velvet Cake

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Lemons and Oranges

One of the best things about living in this hot desert is being able to fry eggs outiside on the rocks! Just kidding. I've actually tried it though and it didn't really work too well. My brain must have been a little overheated that day. Ok…

Peanut Butter Pie

Does anyone else like pie for breakfast? I do. Especially after I've been cooking non stop for 2 days straight. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This pie was so easy to make, and SO rich and delicious to eat. Recipe here. Recipe: [yumprint-recipe…

Apple Festival

Who doesn't like an apple festival? Date Creek Ranch has beautiful apple trees! I enjoyed getting a great amount  this past weekend and also picked up some apple butter, and honey at the farm. Fresh from the tree is always best.…

Lemon Ice

Who doesn't like lemonade in the summer? It's time to cool off! Beat the summer heat with this special drink. There's not much hot weather left this season, so hurry! Drinking water really quenches my thirst, but this is a close second. My lemon…