I’ve been working with Chef Brad in his classes at BYU Education Week for 3 years now and every time it gets funnier. I love food and I love music what a combo! Hopefully one day you will get to see us all perform together. I met Chef Brad in Arizona, he was presenting at a singles conference and I happened to be there to sing. It was great to meet him and begin our friendship. 

I want to give you a recipe today of one of my favorite morning juices. I don’t juice daily, but I do it regularly to help fill my body with nutrients. I wish I could take a juicer with me while I travel but it isn’t possible. I bring powered plants with me instead and add water those to keep up my energy and health. Powdered plants are so awesome, I’m so glad someone invented them. 

The juice I’m going to share with you takes hardly any time at all. The biggest part is washing the fruit and veg. After that’s done, let the juicer do the work and your finished with a yummy drink.

[yumprint-recipe id=’35’]