Are you looking for a great place to eat this weekend? Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day.  Most often I drink a green smoothie fresh from my garden for breakfast, but sometimes I like to treat myself too. (with a healthy treat that is…) Often after a performance you’ll find me eating eggs and bacon somewhere at midnight, I’m usually starving and ready to eat anything after singing! I love trying new restaurants, especially the ones that are family owned and operated. I’m not much into chains…. It must be the artist in me, why not support someone who is creative and unique?

If you live in AZ, head over to the Original Breakfast House in Phoenix. They have a yummy menu with fantastic freshly squeezed local orange juice (it’s the only way to drink o.j. in my opinion) and a menu with many organic items listed.  It’s often very hard to find a spot to eat that values your health. I love locally grown produce, I  know I’m getting the best nutrients possible when I ingest something that is freshly picked from a garden nearby. The eggs are cage free and delicious. I enjoyed a special plate of crunchy orange flavored french toast with organic bananas. Soooo good! This restaurant is bright sunny and cheerful inside. I loved every minute of my morning and it was a pleasant way to start my day. The next time you are hungry in the morning treat yourself to a healthy meal. I believe we are what we eat! If you want energy you need to eat energy. – Cheers!