One of the best things about living in this hot desert is being able to fry eggs outiside on the rocks! Just kidding. I’ve actually tried it though and it didn’t really work too well. My brain must have been a little overheated that day. Ok okay already so NO! Actually growing citrus trees is one of the coolest things ever. I grew a huge bushel of oranges this season. I couldn’t believe how many were on my tree after Christmas. I’ve had fresh squeezed orange juice with every meal this entire week and I still have more oranges than I know what to do with in my refrigerator. I’ve been eating about 3 per day and they are so sweet and juicy. They are so perfect. I’ve given away lots of them to my neighbors and friends. Oranges are so easy to eat too. I love how they grow into segments. What a fun fruit. It was a great surprise to find such gorgeous sweet oranges growing on the tree this year. The crop filled an entire bucket.


I also got a delicious bushel of lemons. I love lemons too. They are so fantastic. They keep so long and this particular variety is so juicy. They give so much more juice than the store brands.  Occasionally  I’m not able to use all of my lemons before they go bad. Instead I will juice them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays and then I put the lemon ice into zip lock bags that last all year. I love using lemon juice in almost all my cooking. It helps fruits and vegetables taste better. It’s also a great cleanser for your face with a little bit of sugar. I’ve used it as a cleaning product too. Maybe I ought to post a list? I’ve used it together with olive oil to dust, and trust me this desert has lots of dust. Even when you think your all done with them and it’s time to throw away the peelings – don’t  do it  – there is something they can do too! Instead, put the peelings into your garbage disposal because it will clean it and help it to smell fresh. It’s an incredible fruit and I love being able to grow them in my own back yard.