I sang in Israel in many areas and also did a concert in Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee. You can view a video here of me singing in Israel in “St. Anne’s Church” and you are able to view pictures of the trip on my Facebook. I had the best drink ever while I was in Israel. Pomegranate superfood juice! In Israel there were juice bars all over the place and the pomegranates were the largest I had ever seen in my life. You select a pomegranate yourself, bring it up to the seller, and have them slice it, juice it and pour it into a cup with frozen water on the bottom of the cup. The juice eventually melts the frozen water on the bottom and it becomes a small ice cube. It is so fresh and so good. My mouth starts watering just thinking about how delicious it tastes. The small cup of juice in Israel was about $4.00. It was SO worth every penny and quenched my thirst.

I’ve been craving this fresh drink lately and decided I need to do something about it so I went over to my own grocery store today and found some nice sized fruit there. Of course it wasn’t the same charm as the ones sitting outside on a street corner in Jerusalem but the fruit still looked good. Try to select one that is heavy for its size. The heavier the fruit the more juice it has inside of it. The skin should be firm. They were picked ripe so they are ready to be eaten when they get to the store – you really can’t go wrong when selecting them. It’s a great drink any time. I’m so glad they are in season right now. Go get yourself some and drink up. Slice it in half like a grapefruit and hand juice it like you would a lemon or an orange. I have an ancient hand press “Juice O Mat” I bought a long time ago in Ohio and it works perfectly for this. If you don’t have an antique, a hand juicer or an electric juicer will work fine, just be careful not to spray juice on your clothes because it will stain them – wear an apron. Also you may need to strain the juice from the pulp afterwards. Pour the juice over ice and enJOY – YUM!