Do you enjoy being encouraged? When was the last time you were uplifted and strengthened? Does listening to good music help you feel more relaxed? Does it help you fell less stress in your life and more focused on what’s important? Do you have a favorite inspirational singer that takes you away to a place of peace and calm? Singing uplifting and inspirational music can bring you back to a place of happiness, if you allow it to.

Every time you sing along with an inspirational singer or with the church choir, you feel uplifted immediately. Do you want to know why? The act of opening up your lungs and breathing slowly, with deep inhalation, is very soothing and leaves you with a feeling of encouragement and joy. When you go outside and breathe in fresh air or when you exercise your body gets endorphins, right? Well, singing can have the same effect on your body. Who doesn’t want more endorphins?

This is one reason why churches have you sing hymns in your congregation. It is so that you, 1. feel uplifted and strengthened 2. feel unity and togetherness and 3. feel the Holy Spirit deeply. There are more reasons why we sing in church, but can you see how this works with the endorphins idea? We have been given hymns to feel the love of God in our lives; it is invigorating and inspiring to feel the message of His love and have it resonate within your whole soul and heart.

While music is pulsing throughout the chapel, as you attend church services, or while listening to an inspirational singer, you pick up your hymnbook with more enthusiasm and delve into the verses full of scripture and value. It will bless your life throughout your week. The tunes will stick with you and carry you through your darkest moments.

Another exciting thing that happens when you listen to an inspirational singer is it changes your entire state of mind. The next time you’re in a bad mood try this experiment, put on one of your favorite songs and immediately your mood will begin to change. You will automatically begin to see results of uplift and encouragement. Your bad mood will be a thing of the past. I’ve used this idea several times in my life, it is so useful, and an incredible gift from God. Use music to bless your life.

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