It's Ladies' Night

Don't miss Ladies Night tonight at Deseret Book from 5:00-7:00 PM. I'm signing CD's today at the Glendale location. Get 20% off my products, and win prizes, enjoy refreshments and the first 100 women get a free framed quote! I hope to see you…

Opening for the Duttons

I got to open for the Duttons last night and will be doing it tonight and tomorrow night at The Dutton Family Theatre in Mesa, AZ.

Help with Chandler, AZ Concert

My friends I need your help. I have a concert with Marvin Goldstein in 2 weeks and we need your help to get the word out. We have only sold 6 tickets! Share this link and then comment here to tell me that you did and you will be entered…

Patriotic Night

I get to sing tonight with Marvin Goldstein at the Red Mountain Tea Party in Mesa, AZ. This is the man in Charge - Randy Hatch. He started this group with only 12 members and it's grown to one of the largest in the country!

Performing in Scottsdale, AZ schools

Performing in schools this week!

Wow a commercial!

How cool to have a commercial! It's running in Southern Utah for the upcoming concerts we have going on in March. Watch it here.

Performing for Schools in Arizona

I'm performing "Enrichment Through the Arts" for the students at two schools today in Scottsdale Arizona!

I love this mascot!

Singing at tonight's BIG Jazz game against Oklahoma! Anyone going to be there?    


$5.00 off your ticket to FRIDAY'S show!

Come see me perform with Marvin Goldstein tomorrow night in Pleasant Grove, UT. $5.00 off coupon here!

Channel 2 News


Got to see Wicked for the second time over the weekend. What song do you like best from the show?    

George Dyer Show Tonight!

So excited! I get to sing with George Dyer tonight! Ticket info here.

Vanessa Joy Sings at Billy Dean Concert This is a photo of the first day I met Billy Dean. I got to sing in his concert that very night and you can click here to view one of the songs I performed that evening. 

Singin the Pink Lemon song

One of my favorite things about living in Arizona is being able to grow citrus trees. I picked my last pink lemon this morning. The skin is so cute, yellow with green stripes on the outside, and the inside has a pinkish hue. Lemons are a great…