Why do we need water? Everyone knows our bodies are made up of mostly water. Children and babies have more water in their bodies than adults do. How important is water to primping yourself? Well...it's something we all need to survive so it's…

Healthy Raw Chips and Guacamole

It's Friday Food day and I've created another awesome recipe that I have to share with you today.  This is SO good! The chips remind me of blue corn chips you can buy in the store, they are very easy to make and the Guacamole has a ranch…

Singing with Nathan Osmond on Sunday April 27, 7:00pm

5250 W Thunderbird, Glendale AZ (Just west of 51st Ave on Thunderbird)   

The Duttons

I'm opening for the Duttons tonight with Marvin Goldstein at the Dutton Family Theater in Mesa, AZ. For tickets to their amazing show go here.