What is a classical crossover singer? A classical crossover singer is a versatile artist who chooses to sing in several genres in order to gain more appeal to larger audiences. Usually, this artist has been trained vocally to sing classically, but they tend to sing more familiar pop music instead. A classical crossover musician generally has a powerful singing voice that is solid and strong enough to be accompanied by a full orchestra.

Classical voice training is received in your first voice lesson, before moving onto other styles, however this is not always the case. A singer can hire a vocal instructor and pay for whatever type of instruction they choose, but it is common to begin with classically training your voice first. Once the basic fundamental skills are learned, then a singer can venture off into other styles. The classic vocal techniques and breathing exercises are instrumental in developing solid, in-depth skill sets and a professional sound quality. In order to keep up with the demands of singing daily, it is important to learn proper vocal techniques to keep your voice healthy. Go here to sign up for a free voice lesson.

Many classical crossover singers have “crossed over”, so to speak, to a less operatic sound quality because a popular cover song appeals to wider masses, and opens up a singer’s repertoire. Classical crossover singers have usually been trained to use essential vocal techniques as part of their daily habits and routine exercises in singing. Click here for 10 free vocal exercises.

Once you have been trained, it is natural to breathe correctly when singing. Using the right posture and phrasing becomes effortless after training. A classical crossover singer can easily switch from classical to belting techniques when singing a pop song after learning the different styles and how to use them properly. The classical crossover genre encompasses a wide span of music, which has only recently grown in popularity, becoming recognized as it’s own Billboard genre.