CD Signing Amahila's Visit

Its always so much fun when a new product comes out. It is a huge accomplishment. So much goes into a project. So much work, time and effort. Sometimes it takes months, even up to a year or more to complete an album. There are so many steps…


I can't stop listening to the music for "Under the Sea". I was so excited to get it in the mail. I saw the movie in the Omnimax Theater in Minnesota and I couldn't wait to get the soundtrack! It was a long wait but now it is in my car and…

Lake Harriet Bandstand

I love this place. I love to go to outdoor music events during the summer every chance I get. As a child,  I grew up right on this lake and heard many concerts as I swam in the lake and many times  I could hear the music while playing…

Campus Education Week BYU

I got my packet from BYU in the mail! I'm super excited to be teaching again at Campus Education Week this year August 13-17. I hope to see some/all of you there. I've met so many wonderful people and made some great friends. I am very thankful…

Paul Bunyan Land

I was so happy to see this place had not changed much since I was a kid, in fact, I know I sat on some of the very same rides when I was child. It still has a sweet innocence about it and I love how Paul Bunyan never forgets my name no matter…

Minneapolis needs musicans?

This sign caught my eye when I was picking up my suitcase in baggage claim at the airport yesterday. How totally cute to have a piano in an airport with a sign telling you to sit down and play! I love it! I love Minnesota. I'm so excited to…

Pack today gone tomorrow

I just returned home to Arizona from my trip to Utah last night, and I'm repacking my bags today to leave tomorrow for Minnesota. (Did you follow all that?) Today I'm doing laundry and scrambling last minute. Gosh I hope I don't forget anything.…

Olympic Flame in Greece

This was one of the highlights of my trip. It was so cool to see the Olympic flame in Greece. The flame is a symbol of spirit, knowledge and life. 

Trevi Fountain

I wanted to throw a coin into the fountain so I would be ensured a return to Rome. You can't really tell in the pictures but I did get it over my left shoulder. This was my first trip to Rome, so I'll let you know if the legend holds…

The Roman Forum

What an impressive ruin of architectural fragments and intermittent archaeological excavations. (Yep that's straight from my tour book...) This location holds many of the important structures of the ancient city.  I walked so much on this…

Pisa, Italy

Where is pointer... Where is pointer Here I am... Here I am Holding up the tower... Holding up the tower Oh so strong Oh so strong! The leaning tower of Pisa was amazing. It was so fun to hold it up with my pointer finger.…

Statues in Florence, Italy

I loved Florence. Seeing the David statue by Michelangelo was something I had only dreamed about doing. I had no idea how much detail was in his face until I was able to view him in person, it is hard to describe the detail,  it is not…

Ravenna, Italy

I got to sing in the Mausoleum of Galla Pacidia, it has been described as "the earliest and best preserved of all mosaic monuments, and at the same time one of the most artistically perfect". The acoustics were beautiful.


While visiting Venezia, I found a restorante I had read about before going to Italy. I never dreamed I would find the place, but while riding on a gondola ride, we floated by the sign, "Da Ivo" and  I couldn't believe it. "Da Ivo" was so…


There are so many beautiful churches, this one is in Keiserslautern. Nothing is open in Germany on Sunday, what a nice thing that is too!

Yellow Flowers

When I flew into Frankfurt, Germany I saw big crops of green and yellow. I wanted to know what the yellow patches of brightness were so badly and today I finally found them! Here is one up close and personal. Does anyone know this flower?

Have bag, will travel!

My bags are packed! Leaving for Germany in 2 days and I can't wait. I will sing for the USO, Wounded Warrior's in Landstuhl and Frankfurt, Germany. I also head to Italy and Greece for a 3 week tour.

CD Signing party!

Ladies Night was a hit! My goodness more than 100 women showed up for the free food and discounted products at Deseret Book on Saturday evening. It was a party and I got to meet so many great people. I hope to be able to do it again soon!

Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot today and here is a sneak peek!

It's Ladies' Night

Don't miss Ladies Night tonight at Deseret Book from 5:00-7:00 PM. I'm signing CD's today at the Glendale location. Get 20% off my products, and win prizes, enjoy refreshments and the first 100 women get a free framed quote! I hope to see you…


Got to see Wicked for the second time over the weekend. What song do you like best from the show?    

Vanessa Joy Sings at Billy Dean Concert This is a photo of the first day I met Billy Dean. I got to sing in his concert that very night and you can click here to view one of the songs I performed that evening. 

Free Download

I want to make sure you all know about my free gift to you. Go here to recieve a FREE download.

Rate "Sweet By and By"

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