How do you overcome a setback?

Have you been pursuing your dreams and encountered a challenge along the way? How do you overcome a setback? 

Did you know you can use your setbacks to push yourself forward? Let me explain.

Eagles soar above most other birds, but the reason they are able to do that so well is because they use the rain storms to their advantage. Eagles are ready, when dark clouds begin to form, instead of retreating to their nest, they use the wind to propel them higher into the sky. 

Just like the Eagles, God is preparing you to become stronger in your setbacks. We all have storms in our lives and it’s how we choose to react to them that will make all the difference.

Makes me remember the lyrics to a hymn. “When dark clouds of trouble hang over us, and threaten our peace to destroy, there is HOPE.” – William Fowler

When you learn how to speak Gods word out of your mouth your life will improve. What you declare will help your life be different. Speak out loud what you want to change and declare it from your mouth. Your mouth is a very powerful weapon, and it will help you or hurt you. It’s what you choose to speak that makes all the difference.

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Hope this encourages you,

Vanessa Joy