If you’re about to give up… read this.


Have you ever thought about giving up before? Have you gone through something that seems to be taking forever, or it didn’t happen the way you expected things would go, or that God isn’t answering your prayer?


If you’re going through something right now I want to give you tools to help you. If you aren’t going through anything, save these tips for the times that you are…because the truth is, we all go through these moments in life. 


First thing to know is that God knows exactly what you’re going through. God knows something you do not know. He sees something you do not see. There is hope. It’s going to work out for you. Do not give up. You will be rewarded for not giving up. 


You are not alone, even though you may be feeling that way right now. I want to help prepare you to get through hard times with a big secret called prospective! 


The challenge you are facing is getting you ready for a promotion. Hang on! Let me explain what that means. It happens over and over again. People who face their challenge with a good attitude, get brought to a whole new level in life when they face it with the right prospective.


This is all part of the process for progress.


George Lucas was turned down repeatedly before Star Wars was filmed. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, there is still a lot to learn from George. Including being tuned down from Disney! Of course there were days he wanted to give up. He wrote for 8 hours a day in a small one bedroom apartment. You know what happened … 513 million dollars came from the movie Star Wars and a franchise that continues today! Thank goodness George didn’t give up because we wouldn’t have that cute cuddly baby Yoda to hug! 


I want to ask you, what “Yoda” is going to come from the challenge you’re facing right now? Think about it? We need what you are about to do!


Here are 3 ways to help you keep going.


  1. Feed your spirit with positive music, messages, and stories.
  2. Keep the prospective that says, “Something good will come from this!”
  3. Remember your challenge in life will push you harder than a comfortable life will.


The devil wants to kill, steel, and destroy you. Don’t let him! Instead let that fuel you to push yourself harder.


Hope this encourages you,


Vanessa Joy