Do hymns help you in your prayer time?

All I know is I recently read this, “Hi dear friend. Your Sunday Songs are delightful. Love them. And you Vanessa.” – Connie O.

David Schwartz said in the book, “The magic of Thinking Big” that “Successful people in any field take time out to confer with themselves.”

David was an American motivational coach. He was the Chair of Consumer Finance at Georgia State University. He founded is own leadership service. He taught how to make good decisions and get rid of negative thoughts. He saw much success in his life because he knew how to get quiet and THINK.

Taking time to think is crucial for you to have success. Pondering on God’s word after you read it will give you direction. As you learn how to focus and listen you will begin to recognize God is speaking to you directly.

Talk to God. Worship Him, and tell him everything. Singing to God is worshiping God and praising Him. God LOVES praise.

Singing is a perfect way to add praise to your prayer time. If you’re too embarrassed to sing by yourself, sing along with me for free here.

Tell God you love Him and you are thankful for him. Talk to Him like you would an old friend on the telephone. He wants to hear from you and know about your dreams. He wants you to succeed. 

After you pray. 


Take time to THINK and listen to what comes to your mind. Write it down in a journal. 

Much love to you,