Some days it seems as if everything we do goes wrong. No matter how hard we try to prepare ahead of time we are interrupted with troubles. 

It is a learning process to keep the devil from stealing away your peace. Don’t let him win! He’s here to steal, kill and destroy you. Tell him what Jesus told him, “Get thee hence Satan” -Matthew 4:10 It works!

You know what else works? If you need a lift, or a mood changer, one of the best things that helps you to instantly feel better – is good music. It saves me every time I’m ever feeling down. Get into the Christmas Spirit by listening to Christmas music. 

You can listen for free on Spotify. My entire Christmas album is there for you to enjoy all season long. There is also a Christmas Playlist on my Spotify Channel for you to enjoy many other artists as well. 

The Christmas album “Joy To The World” is filled with familiar Christian Carols. It is my hope that you are filled with peace and joy that comes from music about our Savior.

Hope this encourages you,

Vanessa Joy