I just finished a 3 day water cleanse. It’s another way to “Primp”. I’m still not finished with this deep cleanse, I’m now adding juices. I want you to know my experience about the water cleanse. I have been fasting once a month since I was 8 years old because of my religion. When I’ve fasted I’ve always done it for 24 hours without food or water. This is difficult yet doable and helps provide me strength in many ways. One way it helps me is it makes me realize I have control over my body and my spirit is stronger. It also helps me to realize how much I depend on food, and how thankful I am to God for providing me with nutrients to eat. I believe everything I own comes from God. I don’t have anything, it all comes from Him. Fasting  helps me to grow in spirit. I’m grateful for my fasting experiences.

Now, on to the water fast. A water fast is totally different than the 24 hour fast that I’ve been doing once a month for many years. A water fast was surprisingly much easier to do – especially because I never experienced any hunger. I did not experience any food cravings what-so-ever. Some people can go many many days without food if they have water. I didn’t do much exercise during this cleanse. I took it easy, drank my water, and stayed close to home. Most of the days I was home during this time in fact, I only took a trip to the grocery store to stock up on the vegetables and fruits that I would be using for my juices the next 7 days. I did notice only one dizzy spell and I felt I might faint because I got up too fast after I got out of a very nice hot soaking bath. (I took a mineral bath that was luxurious and I’ll  post about the ingredients that go into this bath another day. I feel amazing after taking this bath. It is ultimate “primping” time.) 

Obviously I’m not a doctor (read my disclaimer) you need to talk to your doctor first – about any cleanse at all. You also need to be off of all medications before beginning a water fast and everyone is different on how long they can go on a water cleanse. It varies depending on the person. As soon as you feel any discomfort at all you should end the fast. After I felt the dizziness I laid down in my bed for several hours drinking plenty of water. Your experience might be different than mine because everyone is unique, it really teaches you to pay attention to your body and it helps you to go inward and think about your life. I have enjoyed this part of my cleanse, but I’m actually looking forward to getting some nutrients into my body now. Water is amazing. I cannot believe the difference – going without food and water is hard, but adding water without food seemed very easy to me. I was so surprised I never felt hungry. Your experience may be not be anywhere near the same as mine, but I thought I’d record mine for you anyway.