Celebrate good times! This is a time to celebrate. If you’ve had a good day, give yourself a pat on the back. If you’ve had a good week make a dinner reservation. If you’ve had a good month it’s time to start dancing! Start looking at what you do right and give yourself credit for all the good things that have happened in your life. Celebrating the good moments in your life really helps you to continue to pursue your dreams. If you take time out to “kick up your heels” every now and then, observe your achievements and acknowledge and appreciate them, you will find happiness in achieving results and more good things will continue to happen. 

Celebration needs to be a ritual in our lives. If you’re like me, you get to the end of a goal and you’re almost on to the next thing without even taking a breath or noticing what you’ve done. It’s actually really productive to slow down or take a pause or break to bask in the enjoyment of your achievement. I love to celebrate the little things because it helps me to continue the momentum. Take advantage of the moment you’ve completed a task and dedicate some time to strengthen and propel yourself into the next adventure. 

For example – after I finish a performance, one of my favorite things to do is to go out to eat, chat with someone who also want’s to celebrate, listen to music and literally jump for joy. Not only do I have adrenaline going like crazy after I perform, but my thoughts and excitement are going crazy too. I look forward to this part almost as much as I enjoy the actual performance. I love meeting my fans, and hearing from them. I love spending time with them after my concerts and chatting with them and, I love getting to know them. I let all the goodness and kindness wash over me like a big hug. I celebrate their encouraging words and cherish this time with them. It makes everything worth it.  Afterwards when everyone has gone home, I get to continue the party moment with those who worked in the concert with me, this is the time I yearn for even more. I go over everything I did in the concert. I talk about it for hours – boy do I talk! I talk a blue streak about how everything went, I cover the funny moments, the parts that worked well, the parts where the audience seemed to really respond, I talk about the parts that were new and the parts that were different. I talk about it all and laugh all over again. It’s almost as if I re-live the entire performance all over in my head and examine it, and take a mental picture of it. I savor this time! I’m addicted to this celebration. I enjoy for this moment. I crave it.  

No matter how small your achievements are, give them the attention they deserve. It’s worth it in the end because this is how you will create more things in your life to celebrate. If you want more good things – celebrate the good things you already have achieved and you will receive a repeat performance in the future. Keep track of your achievements. It is so important for your development and growth to have a moment of time where you look back over a job well done and give yourself the deserved praise. I’m not saying you need to gloat. I’m saying it’s important to be pleased with yourself. Most of us are way too hard on ourselves. This took me a while to work through. I hope you will give yourself permission to pat yourself on the back after a job well done. It’s important to celebrate you!

Primping assignment: Set a small goal, and celebrate it after completion.