A Celtic Celebration is a pristine fusion of traditional Irish music, alongside contemporary pop. Vanessa’s pure crossover soprano elegance and interpretive style makes listening into art. This wholesome family entertainment includes current hits and audience favorites such as Danny Boy, Shenandoah, and Amazing Grace.

Vanessa is available for performing art centers, community events, corporate entertainment and private house concerts. Contact Vanessa here to schedule her for your next event. For her EPK please go here.

Upcoming Events

August 3-6, 2023 Newport Beach Conference

September 22, 2023 Concert Jacksonville, FL

Jan 14, 2023 Mesa, AZ Fireside

October 15, 2023 Atlanta, GA Fireside

November 5, 2023 Fort Lauderdale, FL Fireside

November 13, 2023 Sunday Concert Evans, GA 

April 21, 2024 6pm Friendswood, TX

June 8, 2024 Afton, Wyoming Ford Theatre

Vanessa Joy Sings


My Life Flows On

Click here for the new music video "My Life Flows On". The video is a hymn from my most recent album, "Scatter Sunshine". This album has 13 hymns on it, and it is also on Spotify. You can listen to it anytime for FREE by going…

Scatter Sunshine Album

Hello my friends! Did you know my album "Scatter Sunshine" is now on Spotify? You can listen to it anytime for FREE by going right here. It has already blessed the lives of so many people. Here are just a few testimonials. I'd love…

Get your FREE album today!

Just wanted to make sure you saw my FREE album? 🙂 Right now, my entire album "Sweet By and By" is available for you download for free right here.  It is my gift to you. It is 14 hymns of praise about our Savior Jesus…

Thank You Gift!

Thank you! I am offering you a FREE gift because I am so thankful to you. Right now I am offering my entire album "Sweet By and By" to you for FREE. This album cost me a TON of money to produce! (A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into…

Exclusive Music Video

Happy Sunday to you! Thank you so much for following me on Spotify. If you didn't get a chance to see the Exclusive Music Video click here to sign up today and you'll not only get to see the new music video (a song…

Do you have Spotify?

Hello! Do you have a spotify account? With Spotify you can listen to music for free! It’s amazing! My music is currently being added to Spotify and my first album “Sweet By and By” will be launched this Friday, July 10th.…

Come Thou Fount

Hello! Click here to watch the new music video, "Come Thou Fount".  Did you get a chance to watch the devotional last week?  If you didn't see the devotional yet, please click here to watch it. It…

Rock Of Ages

Hello Friends! Click here for my latest music video, "Rock Of Ages" Ready to learn the best kept secret benefit of singing? First, let's talk about this pandemic. It seems never-ending doesn't it? I live…

Blessed Assurance

Hoping this brings you some peace in our troubled world. Please click here to watch "Blessed Assurance" Please share this with anyone you think would benefit from this comforting message. Much love to you, Vanessa Joy

Lead Kindly Light

Happy Sunday! Click here for my latest music video, "Lead Kindly Light".  Remember in the last newsletter I told you singing gives you benefits? I'd love to share one of those benefits with…

Scatter Sunshine

Happy Mother's Day! Click here to watch the new music video "Scatter Sunshine". What do moms do best? They scatter sunshine of course! I love my mom and this video is a gift to her. During this time of uncertainty all over the world, one…

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Hello my friend! As you click here to watch this new music video, "His Eye is on the Sparrow" it is my hope and prayer that it brings you comfort and peace. During this time of uncertainty in the world, one thing remains certain…