Happy Sunday!

Click here for my latest music video, “Lead Kindly Light”. 

Remember in the last newsletter I told you singing gives you benefits? I’d love to share one of those benefits with you today.

But first, will you do me a favor this weekend?

Will you share this video with your friends? I’d really love it if you would pass this along to anyone you feel needs encouragement. 

The world is in chaos right now. This pandemic has brought many people fear, pain and sorrow. I’m including myself here.

How can we continue through these ups and downs without heaven’s help?

Do you feel the world could use a prayer right now? I do. Which leads me right into sharing one of the benefits of singing. 

Singing is a prayer.

Doesn’t that sound simple? 

The bonus benefit to you is that if you’re not comfortable singing, you can sing right along with me during the song. I know you might feel uncomfortable or downright intimidated about singing! But remember there are a ton of benefits to singing, so hang tight and I’ll tell you more of them real soon.

Just trust me on this!

Take a deep breath and go!

Please watch the new hymn “Lead Kindly Light” by clicking here.

Much Love to you, 

Vanessa Joy