Happy Mother’s Day!

Click here to watch the new music video “Scatter Sunshine”. What do moms do best? They scatter sunshine of course! I love my mom and this video is a gift to her.

During this time of uncertainty all over the world, one thing has helped me…

But before I share this ONE THING with you, I want to thank you for your continued support and friendship to me.

You are the best!

If you would please take a moment to share and forward this video at would really help me out. 

Okay now back to the one thing that has helped me during this time. You ready? Singing!

Do you believe me?

It’s a challenge I know but will you join me in singing the song, “Scatter Sunshine” while you watch the video?

I know you might feel awkward about it, but just do it anyway. There are amazing benefits that come from singing. 

It will help you SO much. I’ll tell you more about the benefits of singing in another newsletter. Please sing with me and let me know what it was like okay?