Thank you!

I am offering you a FREE gift because I am so thankful to you. Right now I am offering my entire album “Sweet By and By” to you for FREE. This album cost me a TON of money to produce! (A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this too!) But I am giving it away to you because I want to help you. If you would please pass it on to anyone who you feel needs this gift too, that would really help me out. With your help, I know it will get out to as many people as possible and bless everyone with peace.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading my blog posts! Thank you for listening to my music on Spotify  or for purchasing my CD’s. Thank you for being such a supportive person and attending my concerts. I am really glad you are here and that we have met each other.

Please go download your free gift today! It will bless your life with peace.

You matter to me. More importantly, you matter to God. He loves you. I love you too, and am so thankful for you. 

Much love to you,

Vanessa Joy