Hello Friends!

Click here for my latest music video, “Rock Of Ages”

Ready to learn the best kept secret benefit of singing?

First, let’s talk about this pandemic. It seems never-ending doesn’t it? I live in Arizona and we are facing another possible lockdown if the spike doesn’t slow down. 

Our world is really having a hard time right now. My mission statement for the past 8 years has been to entertain, uplift and inspire positive change.

Because of this statement, many virtual firesides and concerts have been scheduled for me to perform in different communities. Including England! If you are interested in a virtual concert for your community, please let me know by replying to this email. We can work together to get one scheduled in your area.

Are you still intimidated about singing?

Please sing along with me. It will make you feel better! A huge secret benefit of singing is that your body releases endorphins when you sing.

Endorphins are those little “feel good” boosters. We all needs those don’t we? So sing along with me when you click on the link for Rock of Ages. It will help you feel better.

Take a deep breath and go! 

Please watch the new hymn “Rock of Ages” by clicking here.

Much love to you!