Do you have a spotify account? With Spotify you can listen to music for free! It’s amazing!

My music is currently being added to Spotify and my first album “Sweet By and By” will be launched this Friday, July 10th. (It’s about time right???? I know! I’ve been living in the dark ages!)

If you pre-save me on Spotify, you’ll be notified when my music is live, and entered into a drawing for a free gift. (You’ll be able to see an exclusive music video earlier than anyone else!)

You’ll be entered into a contest to win a signed copy of “Sweet By and By” plus the entire Vanessa Joy collection of music which includes 7 albums! AND a $25.00 visa card! So go sign up today and add me as an artist on your list. 

You’ve got nothing to lose! It’s free!

Much love to you,

Vanessa Joy