Now that the new year has begun I thought I’d share what I love doing at the beginning of the year. I love to take out my calendar and go over all the dates I want to block off for me. Does this sound strange? Well let me explain. If your plans don’t go on the calendar someone or something else will take up that space. Block off dates before anyone else comes along and becomes more important than what you want to accomplish. Make a list of all the things you want to do, there is no limit. Make plans, make goals, make time to do it. Do you want to build a garden? It takes time to do this, but it’s little chunks of time that need to be set aside. Little by little you will have your garden if you spend time on it daily. Do you want to go on a trip? Start looking up and dreaming about the area you want to visit. Do you want to get better at singing? Go look for a community class and sign up!

I’ve learned along the way, if you don’t take time for yourself, no one will give it to you. You might actually enjoy knowing you have free spaces that no one else can touch. Even if you don’t end up going on “Vacation” or “growing a  garden” during these time slots, you’ll have time set aside and available for you to use if you want it. Even if you use it to relax by the pool instead, it’s still time for you!

Now that you’ve looked over your year and you’ve made some space available for you to build your dream, or take a vacation, you can break it down. Look at what you want to accomplish and break it down into small chunks. If you have set aside time to go see the fall leaves in Northern Colorado, start making plans for it today. Do one thing that helps you create that vision. Look at pictures of Aspen leaves often – and even print them and hang them on your wall to inspire you. Read books about the area you want to visit. Buy some essential oils or candles that remind you of the outdoors and breath in their aroma regularly. Pretty soon you will be there! I know this is true, I’ve done it, just start small and in 6 months you’ll be on that trip to Colorado, or you’ll have your garden in, or you’ll be taking amazing photos that you’ve always dreamed about. Start visualizing your dreams and you will get there. Start to build a dream today. A person without a dream never had one come true.vanessajoy