Got any big plans for New Years Eve? I love singing for parties on New Years. (I’m kinda glad I’m not doing it this year though…it’s nice to be going to a party with friends for a change)

One time I was in Wyoming and performed on New Years Eve. It was a freezing cold concert and a bitter cold night. The stage was cold brrrr… just thinking about it makes me shiver. I stayed in a beautiful cabin. I wish I could remember the name of the town. What happens to my brain? I thought I would never forget but after doing so many concerts they are all sort of a blur. Oh! Afton, Wyoming. Good I remembered. I loved the performing arts center. It was a ton of fun to ice skate all the way into the theatre. Haha! Snow was blowing everywhere. I remember almost running into some deer while driving too! Yikes!

I hope you are spending time with your family and enjoying the celebration of the New Year together. Do you ring in the new year with the famous song, “Auld Lang Syne”? It’s a tradition of mine that’s for sure. Cheers!vanessajoy