“Be Thou My Vision”  is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album “Sweet By and By” It is an album of a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album. You can listen to the song “Be Thou My Vision” for free here, or purchase the album here. Or you can listen to a sample of it on youtube here.

“Be Thou My Vision” is a beautiful Irish hymn. It was translated by Eleanor Hull and published in 1912. In 1919 the lyrics were given a tune to “Slane” I absolutely love it. It has a charm and lovely melody that brings warmth to my soul every time I hear it being performed. It brings a deep richness to your spirit and is a special prayer of worship. There is many symbolic phrases that tell about the protection of God in our lives. 

This hymn was one of the last songs I recorded in the studio. I wanted so much to add a melody to the beginning that would make sense and work with what had already previously been recorded. I worked at it and prayed about it early in the morning before heading to the studio. Something came to my mind and as I sang it out loud it worked with what was there. I thanked God for this miracle. God listens to your heart and wants you to be happy. He will bless your life if you let Him into your heart.

It is my hope that singing hymns and creating “Sweet By and By” will help you to feel uplifted and strengthened by the power of heaven. God loves you and it is evident in the lyrics and melodies within the hymns on “Sweet By and By”. The authors of these hymns thoughtfully and humbly expressed their souls in this music. Please share with me how hymns have blessed you for good. I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.