“Just As I Am” is a hymn sung by Vanessa Joy on her album “Sweet By and By” a collection of hymns with a total of 14 songs on the album. You can listen to the song “Just As I Am” for free here, or purchase the album here. Or you can listen to a sample of it on youtube here

“Just As I Am” is a well-known hymn. It was set to a hymn tune called “woodworth” by William B. Bradbury and the lyrics were written by Charlotte Elliott in 1835.  It is a song about salvation, and about how giving our life over to Christ brings us peace. Our Savior forgives us and loves us as we are, trying every day to be clean through Him and Him only. It is a beautiful story, and the words were written by Elliott. Elliott was consumed with doubts, as we all can be at times, feeling such force from the adversary, and feeling very sorrowful as well as questioning in the night her purpose and her spiritual life, she wondered if there was anything better. The only way she conquered her feelings and emotions was by putting pen to paper and writing out this beautiful hymn. The words adequately describe how Jesus accepts us. We do our best and he accepts us. It is hard to fathom at times how he will forgive us. We try our best but we will always come up short and He forgives us. We are not perfect and never will be here on earth, but He loves us just the same.

It is difficult at times knowing we are never going to be perfect, but we can be made perfect through Christ. We are here on earth to continue perfecting ourselves, it is through His grace that we are able to make it back to our Heavenly Father. He makes up the difference. It is through him that we are saved. It is humbling to realize he accepts us just as we are, as we repent of our shortcomings, He will give us grace. 

It is my hope that singing hymns and creating “Sweet By and By” will help you to feel uplifted and strengthened by the power of heaven. God loves you and it is evident in the lyrics and melodies within the hymns on “Sweet By and By”. The authors of these hymns thoughtfully and humbly expressed their souls in this music. Please share with me how hymns have blessed you for good. I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.