What is Rush Hashanah? Now that I have toured Israel with a Jewish guide, I’ll tell you a little about this Holiday.

This year it is celebrated on September 25.

Rush Hashanah is a celebration of the Jewish New Year. The New Year begins with much sweetness. A good way to make anything a little sweeter is by using honey. It is a tradition to dip apples into sweet honey to make them even sweeter to eat and ask God for your New Year to be healthy and happy. I love the positive message of Rush Hashanah and many other Jewish Celebrations. I’ll talk about more in future posts.

Teshuvah is also celebrated at this time. Usually for 10 days. Teshuvah translated means repentance, but also literally means return. When you return to something that you’ve strayed or looked away from. Have you looked away from God? Have you need of returning?

This means a lot to me, repentance is something I have recently started doing on a daily basis, rather than to wait and do it once a year for 10 days, or on a weekly basis at church. Daily repentance is a practice I have discovered that brings me so much joy and peace.

I love learning about the traditions of the Jewish people. I am grateful for the traditions they keep, and for their example. I am also grateful for the insights about the Sabbath day which I will talk about another time.

There is so much to learn and discover on this planet isn’t there? If you’d like to join me on the next tour to Israel check out the tour in April 2023.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy