Wanna know a little primping secret? How do you reach goals? How does everything you touch turn to gold? How do you get everything you ever wanted? I believe one way is by practicing thankfulness. Yes, you will see results by being grateful. I”m serious. It’s that simple.

I stared this exercise many years ago when I received a beautiful gift. It was a handmade “thankful” journal. This gift was priceless to me. It switched my mind around, and gave me an opportunity to think differently about my situation and start focusing on the positive side. Look for ways to celebrate the small steps you are taking and be kind to yourself about your progress. The more you are thankful and look at your past achievements the more you will achieve. Look at every tiny thing that happens in your life that is a success and celebrate that achievement. It does wonders for your future goals. It helps to stimulate your brain into thinking positive thoughts about the future and about what will be able to unfold. The more positive you can be right now – as in today – the better you will feel. Everyone has a story to tell. What part do you tend to focus on the most? Do you tell yourself that life isn’t fair? Do you look at things from a negative point of view? What is your story? Is there a way you can change it to make it positive? Is there something you can focus on that will bring light to your life and strength? 

Goals are great. The only thing I want to say about goals is that they are not the means to happiness. Getting to the end of the goal does not bring you happiness, if you are not happy already. My advice? Work on being happy now, by being thankful and grateful. Take a look at everything around you and look for little things that are good. Can’t find anything? How are you are reading this post? Aren’t you grateful we have computers? That we have electricity so our computers work? See? I already found 2 things for you. If you’re practicing gratitude now, you will be experiencing happiness now, and when you reach your goal you’ll be elated. Goals help us to achieve things in life. It is good to have dreams, but if we are constantly thinking to ourselves, “I’ll be happy when… or I’ll be happy after…” this is a dangerous pattern that will never bring us where we want to be – which is happy right now. Don’t we all want happiness right now? If you do, start small by being thankful today. Look around you and begin a list of 5 little things daily. This will start a new habit of gratitude and it will help you to bring more joy to your life.

Homework: Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for today. Focus on them and let a smile come over your face because of them. Celebrate the little things!