Recently I got to perform a song with Billy Dean that he wrote. I heard it about a year ago when he sang it to me while we were eating dinner in Denny’s. I cried when I heard him sing it. It’s a very touching song about women and mothers and what they give in their lifetime. For the first month I couldn’t sing it without tears in my eyes – I could barely choke out the words. It’s a tender song that I hope brightens other women when they hear it. I get choked up about it because the lyrics are true. I’ll only post the title of the song here, “She’s in there somewhere” The woman finds herself looking into a mirror and realizing her old self the fun cute bubbly girl who once was a person all her own – who now is a devoted mother and giver to everyone and puts herself last. She realizes that the fun happy girl is in there somewhere. I know lot’s of us get caught up in our routine and take lots of time to love others while putting ourselves last. It’s just what we do. This song rings true and it makes me appreciate and love my mother more for her devotion and dedication to me growing up. I love her so much and I’m so grateful for her love to me.