Welcome to Wednesday wellness! It should be everyday wellness, but I wanted to talk about … My new “Forever” album My Forever, music is relaxing and can aid in your overall wellness. It’s so important for us to take time out of our busy hectic lives to relax, ponder, be still and unwind. Life can get crazy if we let it and it can really begin to bog us down. I’ve discovered so many things about overall well-being throughout my life that have helped me. I want to share some tips with you in this wellness section on my blog. Listening to calming music is only one way we can create a relaxing environment and bring wellness into our lives. 

I’m excited to introduce you to some amazing people I’ve met along the way who have helped me improve my health and vitality. People like, Chef Brad, Herbal Master Spencer, LMT Bradley, and Essential Oil Specialist Brenda. I hope you will check the wellness section often for additional information on living a balanced joyful life. Life is a song- sing it! I’m excited about what they will teach us about to help us all lead a life of balance. I’ll be contributing my tips as well and I hope you enJOY learning about my life off stage too. 

About 7 years ago I did a performance in Las Vegas where I met a very talented individual who has taught me a lot about health and has been so much fun to know. I’ve nicknamed him “powder man” because the day I met him he gave me a gigantic container of powdered herbs to use and see if they would help me feel better. I’m excited to introduce you to the founder of NuLife Herbs, Spencer Masterson, he is the formulator of unique herbal formulas. Spencer is a Master Herbalist and author of Discover the 5 Treasures for Better Health. He is dedicated to natural healing through herbs and other natural alternative methods. Received his Masters of Herbology at Dr. John R. Christopher’s “School of Natural Healing,” he enjoys teaching about herbs and how they can heal the body.

He will be posting regularly on the Vanessa Joy blog starting in January to give us insight and encouragement to better ourselves and our lives. I’m excited to learn more from him and be able to share his tips with you.

Spencer says his philosophy is “Let’s go back to nature the way we were born to live! Eat the food we were born to eat…Live living plant foods from seeds, is where the nutrition is to heal our bodies that nature provides for us…

Our body is nature’s laboratory to heal our body with live nutrients! Plants are the secret to heal our body, to give us balance in this unbalance world!

Let’s go on this journey together and make a difference to make change by living with Nature the way we were designed to live…

Plants have life they have an energy a spirit which I believe has A Plant spirit is the juice, the energy to heal the body!

Let’s go do something fantastically remarkable…educate and heal the world one person at a time…

~Spencer Masterson, MH.