VanessaJoySheTraveledA lot of people have asked me about my wardrobe and want to know where I get my dresses.  I wish I could tell them I shop at only one store but just like everyone else I shop around at different stores to accumulate my outfits. Believe it or not, I don’t particularly like shopping! I’d much rather have someone do it for me so I can spend time doing other activities. It takes a lot of time for me to select the right clothing, find the right size, and the right price! Maybe it’s because most of my life I have not had much money to spend on clothing and it has been more of a chore to go shopping and find the right price on an item and also find one that fits me. Over the years I have tried very hard to find classic items of good quality to add to my wardrobe. 
I was never allowed to wear strapless gowns to prom or homecoming and I’m actually very thankful I followed that rule. I feel beautiful in a gown that covers my body. It is challenging in this world however, to find clothing that is both current and modest at the same time. An article was written about me while I was performing in Chile – it’s about my clothing choices and style. Cute, well-made beautifully modest clothing is available and today I want to tell you about a company I discovered called I love what they stand for. This feminine skirt is a very nice quality. The polka dot design has a build in slip layer underneath which really makes it feel study and helps it lay correctly. It’s great for traveling because honestly, I took it straight out of the box it came in, unwrapped the cute tissue paper and I was photographed in it without using a steam iron. It was a perfect fit and I love it. Right now they are offering this skirt pictured above for $5.00 off if you put in the Vanessa Joy coupon code: VanJoy5  Hurry over to their website and check out their other sales today.