Oh my gosh, why did I do this? While visiting Crete, I was so curious about fish pedicures and many people have talked about it being so good for your skin. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I thought I was doing my feet a favor but It was torcher! It tickled so bad! I screamed and took my feet out of the tank the first time they went in. YIKES! After a little coaxing, a short pep talk, wanting softer feet and knowing I wouldn’t get my money back, I reluctantly tried it again. I squirmed so much in my seat it was not a relaxing experience for me. Just thinking about it right now makes my stomach a little queasy. My feet must be overly sensitive. All the photos you see with women in bikinis all sprawled out with a smile on their face loving life like they are getting a massage – have to be phony. Well, at least I think it would take a great deal of acting on my part if I was modeling for one of these spas. It is deceiving and almost impossible to have relaxed smile on my face and look so pleasant. I say almost, because I guess maybe anyone could do it if it paid enough. But seriously! How do they do that?

Now, I’m not really afraid of fish. I grew up in MN and swam in a million lakes (ok 10,000 plus) and fish would come up and nibble at me all the time, no biggie! To tell you the truth, when I was swimming as a teenager some guys at a lake put 3 live sunfish down my swim suit at one time! GROSS!  Fish are no big deal, but THAT day was traumatic. I’ll tell you more about it another time. Back to the spa…After 5 minutes passed, if I did not look at the fish (I could never look for some reason, it was like getting a shot in the arm, I can never look when that happens either) it got a tiny bit better. I had so much adrenaline passing through my body from being freaked out, it wasn’t worth all the effort. However, I did like how soft my skin was, but it wasn’t THAT soft and it only lased for 2 days. I found out later about the possible dangers with this treatment and learned it’s been banned in the US in 14 states? … I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. You can read about the dangers here. Thankfully I didn’t get any diseases and my skin is just fine.