Are you seeing the results you want?

Are you exercising and eating healthy but you are not seeing anything change? The words you speak effect your body. Does what you are saying have something to do with your health?

What is going into your mouth might have something to do with it, but have you thought about what is coming out of your mouth?

Positive self talk is so important. Your body is powerful and listens to you talk. Speaking positive declarations works! Declarations can change your life, you just need to be consistent and repeat them daily.

People actually pay self talk trainers to help them change their life. You don’t need to do that, you can make your own, or listen to the ones I’ve created for you.

Your words create your reality.

Make a new identity for yourself. Change who you want to become, by practicing words of encouragement. You believe what you hear yourself saying so learn how to speak positive declarations about yourself.

Change what you’re saying and you’ll see a difference.

Get your three positive declarations of, prosperity, faith, and hope  to help you learn how to speak positive words to help you change what you say.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy