Did you know that saying, “I will never loose weight” is just as bad as eating a whole bag of treats?

It’s true.

Positive self talk is so important. Your body listens to you talk. So learn how to speak words that have positive power rather than negitave.

Speak positive declarations – it works! Declarations can change your life, you just need to be consistent and repeat them daily.

What are the words coming out of your mouth? You can make a difference in your life, just by changing the words that come out of your mouth.

When you study self talk you will begin to see change your life. Listen to the declarations I’ve created for you.

I listen and repeat positive declarations every morning while I’m getting ready and it makes a huge difference in my life.

Make a new identity for yourself. Your words are prophesying your future.

Change what you’re saying and you’ll see a difference.

Get your three positive declarations of, prosperity, faith, and hope  to help you learn how to speak positive words to help you change what you say.

Hope this encourages you!

Vanessa Joy