Vernal was a blast! I got to sing for the community there and it was a really funny concert. I got my pianist, Marvin Goldstein to laugh more than once and when that happens it is priceless! The venue was in a middle school and it seated a little over 1000 people. I thought it was strange that there wasn’t a dressing room, but we made it work. I’ve been to venues with even less than what we had there. I’ve used a curtain before as a “closet dressing room”. I found out the school turned the dressing rooms into offices. The bathroom was kind of far away but I didn’t drink my usual eight bottles of water during the show so I didn’t have to use it as often. I also had no mirror to check to make sure my dress was looking normal or my hair wasn’t sticking up all over after changing costumes. I’m glad there was a mirror in the bathroom however because I needed to get my makeup on and with out a mirror it would have been a touch difficult.

Every venue has a different charm about it. I liked how this stage had lovely wood floors and the front of the stage had a nice curved apron on it that let us feel a little closer to the audience. It was easy to see my way to the makeshift dressing room and that is important to me. It’s always interesting what I find back stage. Marvin ended up tripping one time and cut his leg terribly while we were performing in Altamont the day before. I’m so glad it didn’t happen to me, I would have cried over it! It looked awful and painful and it would have been hard for me to sing. I’ve actually had to sing a solo right after being hit in the nose by a fellow dancing companion. It was SO painful and miserable. I had actually cracked the bone on my nose but didn’t know it at the time, and it was so difficult to sing because of the pain and my uncontrollable sobs. Oh it HURT! I cried the whole song… but luckily it seemed to fit my character in the show at the time I was in a production where I was a singer at an old club. No matter what, the show must go on!