Singing in Altamont was wonderful. I couldn’t believe how cold I felt while we were visiting the area. They sure know how to party in that small town. I was able to hang out with famous composer Jeff Goodrich and his lovely wife Joan while we were there. I did a community concert and then headed over to a large youth group who I performed for and then last I went to a beautiful home and sang some more while we rang in the new year. It was a beautiful night and full of so many great people. The only really bad thing that happened was when my pianist fell backstage. He was walking quickly in the dark trying to find his dressing room and he ran into a table and fell to the floor with a terrible thud. The announcer (Jeff) heard the fall but didn’t know what had happened. Meanwhile I was totally oblivious in my dressing room clear on the other side of the stage with the door shut. I didn’t even know we were being announced! I wasn’t the least bit worried until I had a knock on my door and in came Marvin with his bloody “show and tell” leg. I cringed. It was so gross to look at and it actually made me hurt to see it. It was a ugly long scrape from his knee down to his ankle and it was bleeding bad. There was nothing we could do, however because it was time to go on stange. So off we went with smiling faces after he cracked a joke. What a night!  I’m so glad it wasn’t me because I wouldn’t have been able to hold back the tears. Crying and singing don’t mix. The piano sounded terrific and no one would have ever guessed there was a torn up leg playing it. The performance was fun. The venue was brand new and it was built for the school so the students will also be able to use the theatre too.

After all the activities we did after the show, I was tired at midnight. Everyone was wide awake and jolly. My energy was almost completely gone. (I drain myself and put a lot into what I do on stage. It is very taxing and I am extremely focused so when the shows over,  I’m finished. I usually have a little natural buzz of energy or adrenaline for about 2 hours afterwards and then it’s all gone. I hit the pillow and I’m out for the night.) My eyes would hardly stay open, but when I took one step outside into the freezing cold – I woke up in one second! It was below zero. Something about the cold makes me want to hurry! I ran as fast as I cold through the snow to the freezing cold car. Why did I think the car would be warm? It wasn’t until we got back to the hotel before the heater started working. The party was great. The concert was a blast. I love doing new years eve shows and this year I got to do three in one night. It was an incredible way to start the new year off right!