Ok so this was my favorite stop we made in Turkey. I grew up reading the Chronicles of Narnia: and in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, I learned about “Turkish delight”.  In the book, the character named Edmund scarf’s it down by handfuls. He was enchanted by the delight! (Yes, I know the White Witch played a part in that too.) It not only enchanted him but it intrigued me too! Ever since I read about it I wanted to know what that stuff tasted like, so naturally when I saw some at store a few years ago around Christmas I picked up a box. It was very sweet and soft, but tasted NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the fresh candy I found in Turkey. Oh my goodness, yes I can eat it by the handfuls just like Edmund, I am enchanted! The box barley made it home, and now it is sadly all gone.