I’m down to one of my very last cups of Postum… a sad day. I know I need to move on. This glass jar has been expired for a while now, but it still tastes great! I was so sad when I read in the newspaper that Kraft was going to discontinue their product. I bought as many jars as I could find on the shelves at that time and made myself a little stock pile of my own. (It’s been about 4 years ago now.) I’ve drank this stuff for years and I love it! I have a new container of another brand in my cupboard and I’m ready to make the switch. I know I’ll be okay, (sob) I’ve used the other brand (barley & rye vrs wheat) in the past because it was less expensive and it tastes pretty close. I’m so thankful there is a substitute.

I am writing this post because I want to share with you what I’ve been adding to this delicious natural drink. Lately my big craving has been to make a cup of this rich tasting beverage and adding freshly whipped cream with sugar, a touch of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon to finish it off. (It’s the same recipe that I use as a topping for pie, minus the cinnamon and it can be found here.) (I just so happened to have a container of whipping cream in my fridge that I haven’t finished from Thanksgiving) It’s a frothy sweet goodness mixed with a strong taste of roasted grains and it warms me up in a second on a cold day… It takes a little more time to whip up the cream instead of just adding cream and sugar. But it’s worth the effort. (While your heating the water, whip the cream at the same time. They are done at the same time.)  It gives your mouth a whole new texture and dimension with each sip. I know I’m probably not the only one who does it – but I thought I’d share my recent discovery with you – it will be just as good with the other instant natural beverage too and I’m excited for you to try it. It is a truly soothing way to begin my day or wind down from a stressful day. It’s a perfect drink to pamper myself with after performing. Now what else do I need? A sweater, a blanket, a fire, a good book, and someone to snuggle?


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